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Pet health

Please download our Pet Health Report and Terms and Conditions.

Your pets are cared for by professional, dedicated staff to cater for all your pet’s individual needs. Our motto is ‘We Care’ and our staff reflect this at all times to provide your pet with personal attention.

We require you to provide us with all your pet’s health information and we only accept fully vaccinated pets. Please see our ­Terms and Conditions for vaccination requirements.

All pets must be intestinal wormed prior to admission. Pets that have not received regular worm suspension will be wormed on admission and the charge advised to the owner.

All pets are examined for flea burden; flea treatment will be administered when necessary and charged accordingly.

Welcome requires information to be provided of your pet’s needs by completing a Pet Health Report

Should your pet require any medical attention, your emergency contact will be called immediately and all necessary veterinary treatment will be given without hesitation.

Our diets are premium quality and served fresh daily. Special veterinary diets need to be supplied and will be given according to your instructions. 

If your pet is on any medication a small administering fee will be charged. Please bring all medications clearly marked with you, and advise us of the dosage etc. on arrival.

Any pets with large knots or matting will be groomed at our discretion and a grooming fee will be charged accordingly.